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Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka’s Wedding Photos

coliver kisses in 1x01 and 1x02 ► requested by anonymous

“I have my hopes, you know, I think that the romantic - and actually the pragmatist in me, I was going to make it romantic but, the absolute practical common sense in me goes “Well, yeah they should be together like all great, fun love stories like duh.” That’s not even… it’s like when you are watching a romantic comedy and if you press pause in the middle of the movie you go “What do you think… what do you hope happens?” and you go “I hope they end up together.” It’s like of course they are going to end up together. That’s the whole point.” (x)

becbecbobec: Just two old ladies in their lounge chairs #workinhard


2012: Ezra Miller said, “I wouldn’t want to lose out on my macho action movie just because I told people I was queer”

2014: Ezra Miller is going to be the first out actor to play a major superhero in a movie

What a time to be alive